Short Hair for Black Women 2012 – 2013

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Short Hair for Black Women 2012 – 2013

In 2012 – 2013, short hair cuts with a lot of various styles and techniques are in trends. These styles can also for the black women make them sexier, stylish and trendy. Here are some best hairstyles for black women who may be helpful for you also to change your look or style.

This hairstyle is especially for the black women to make them sexy. Half shaved is the latest haircut which is completely saved from the side portion of your head and in the center portion it has a bit longer hairs.

Halle Berry is well known celebrity and stylish black women also. Now days, she had a very beautiful haircut which is pixie haircut and in this haircut makes them more stylish, trendy and beautiful.

Black women with a bob haircut look trendy. Bob haircut with bangs makes your hair cut more unique and trendy.

It is another most popular short haircut of this year. Most of the black girls like to follow this trend. Layered haircut gives a rough messy look to your hairs which make you more stylish and trendy.

Black women with too short trendy haircuts look best and trendy. Different unique hair color tones also make them stylish and gorgeous.

In 2013, curly hairs with a too short haircut are also in trends. It is especially for black women to make them more stylish and sexy.

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