12 Stunning Hairstyles for Long Fine Hair

by Bùi Thuỷ Tiên

Nowadays, while there are countless eye-catching for medium hair and short hair, not many women have enough patience to grow their hair, especially women with fine hair.  But in case, you already have long hair, there are even more hairstyles you might opt for. Just keep in mind that fine hair is not a problem if you know how to style it. Of course, thin hair can be fine in density or skinny in the width of every hair. Both cases still lead to lack of volume and a limp look. But don’t worry, by using some tricks you might enhance the volume of your thin locks.

There are some effective hairstyles for long fine hair. In fact, you have various choices from layering, textured long cuts, dimensional hair colors to wavy styling. For example, choppy layers might work fabulously for thinner hair since they create the desired texture and boost the body of your hairstyle, without particular styling. Adding bangs to long fine hair is another good option which spices things up if you get bored with your current style but don’t want to cut your precious hair. Or you might go for long layers highlights and large bouncy waves on longer hair to look trendy.

Here are some hairstyles for long fine hair you need to know, check out and choose one that might boost the volume of your locks but still help you look stunning.

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