12 Summer Hair Colors to Rock Right Now

by Bùi Thuỷ Tiên

When it comes to summertime, most women are confusing about choosing new hair colors and maybe you are no exceptions. Most of us often crave something a little cooler. Its time for lighter hues instead of deep, dark styles, and boardwalks with pretty pastels, pearlescent looks, and highlights aplenty. Do you want to carry the summer sunshine with you all year long? These hues are gorgeous, especially in summer. There are many summer hair colors you might want to take into considerations.

Let take vibrant red for example. Because summer is all about bright and vibrant colors, in case you want something more understated, let give red hair a try.

Whereas, most people find the sky blue color really wearable and versatile.  If you want to bring warmth to your brunette hue with subtle red and blonde highlights throughout, let opt for reddish-brown.

Here are some summer hair colors for you, let check them out and get inspired.

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