14 Stunning Blunt Haircuts to Bring out the Style Icon in You

by Bùi Thuỷ Tiên

You heard about blunt haircuts but wonder what makes a blunt cut? Here is your answer: A blunt cut is a cut without layers that is perfectly fit those who have naturally straight and fine hair. It’s a good choice for thin hair because this hair cut helps to add more textures with a bit more body. In case your hair is dry or being damaged from sun exposure, this is a great option for you to cover your hair’s weakness. In fact, a blunt cut makes your hair look healthier, stronger and thicker. Going for this hairstyle helps to get rid of damaged ends and improve your hair with a low maintenance style. Moreover, it’s not only a practical hairstyle, but wearing this haircut might also bring the drama, boldness, and strength.

There are many celebrities rocking for these hairstyles and look stunning. Here are some examples of blunt haircuts for all hair lengths. Whether you have short, straight hair or long wavy hair, you might also try this style. Check them out and get ready for a hair change. 

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