15 Hottest Short Bob with Bangs You’ll See

by Anna Truong

15 Hottest Short Bob with Bangs You’ll See

A short bob with bangs is an edgy short haircut with lengths falling anywhere between the ears and the neck and paired with a fringe. It’s a stylish way to take the bulky weight off of your hair and make your life so much easier, as it requires less maintenance, product, and time to style. Bob hairstyles and fringes just go hand in hand and sometimes having one without the other just leaves something missing.

Choosing a Short Bob with Bangs

The key is to choose the most suitable fringe that will flatter your face shape and work well with your hair type. They might be just a small part of the whole hairstyle, but bangs can change up your look significantly and do you great wonders! The vintage straight across bangs, the flirty side-swept bangs, the soft wispy bangs, the ever so cute baby bangs, and a lot more renditions of this fabulous versatile hairstyle are up ahead to help you choose and visualize this classic hairstyle for yourself. Check out these popular inspiring photos I’ve prepared, so you can take the plunge into the fun and chic world of short bobs with bangs right away!

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