20 Eye-catching Updo Hairstyles To Make Your Day

by Bùi Thuỷ Tiên

If you get bored with your regular hairstyles and want to look different every day without going for the chop, let think about updo hairstyles. This post is going to help you unleash your imagination without cutting any of your precious locks. No matter your special occasions, whether you are going for a date and the first day at a new job, updo hairstyles will help you make a statement effortlessly.

It also depends on your preferred style so you might choose from quick casual ‘dos, funky knots or sophisticated buns with braids. However, the length and the type of your hair are also important factors while choosing suitable hairstyles. If your hair is not necessary for pretty updo hairstyles, you need to be patient to grow your hair to style braided topknot. Otherwise, you should use some accessories, for example, use decorative clips to twist the hair and secure with bobby pins or layers to hold the hair up.

Updos for long hair

Well, long hair is worth working on it. For example, sleek knotted hair is one of the simplest casual updos. If your hair is straight and thick, you should try this elegant variant. Or braided hairstyles are perfect options to help you make your day. The chunky braid is an exciting style that is suitable for the wedding day, you should combine with a flower accessory for face-framing.

Updo hairstyles for short hair

On the other hand, short hair deserves the same diversity of updo hairstyles just as long hair. With short hair, you will save a tone of time to style your hair since it won’t take you a whole morning to prepare. Just remember, even a short cut can be amazingly arranged into a beautifully knotted chignon. Or a wavy bun with side twists will be a great idea if you have a short layered haircut.

There are lots of examples of updo hairstyles, let’s sort them out into categories and explore each of them.

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