Enthralling Long and Straight Hair Ombre for Women

by Anna Truong

Enthralling Long and Straight Hair Ombre for Women

Long and straight hair ombre is one of the trends that have appeared, gained popularity and is still much-asked hairstyle technique around the world. It is undeniably one of the hottest hair trends that are still evolving and gaining even more popularity. Everyone has at least considered doing their hair ombre, if not have done it.

Over the last few years, the ombre has evolved in new techniques – sombre, balayage and many more. The options for gradually mixing colors are endless. The ombre technique can be done with all hair colors possible. There are lots of options for everyone and we have made a list of the top 30 ombre options that you can try on long or straight hair.

How to Dye Your Hair into Ombre

Ombre is a coloring effect and technique that makes your bottom portion of the hair look lighter than the top portion. However, there are ombre choices when you can do the reversed look. The portion of the hair that will have a lighter color should be bleached.

It is always suggested to use colors that work well with your natural color. When doing ombre on a long straight hair, it is important to know where the fade should stop. The place where the two colors meet is also very important.

The ombre should be done after the bleaching. The hair is divided in many parts, like tiny ponytails and each end of the ponytail are dyed in the desired color. The hair band of each ponytail is the border above which the color should not go, but it should not be a straight line.

How to Style Long Straight Ombre Hair

Styling ombre for long and straight hair is pretty easy. In order to the ombre to show and be seen, it must be done professionally, without any hard lines that will separate the hair colors.

When that is done right, the styling is easy. You will need a hairdryer, two or three round brushes of different sizes, hair straightener and hair care products. As soon as you get out of the shower, apply a conditioner in a spray that will protect your hair from the heat.

Blow dry it with and straighten it up using brushes. After that, use the hair straightener as a final step into achieving a straight sleek look. Add a hair serum on the ends of the hair for extra shine.

Ombre Or Balayage: Which One Is Better?

Both options are great for long hair because of the visibly better display the change of color and different tones. Long hair gives a lot of space for color variations. The main difference between these two is the technique of applying the color.

Ombre’s technique of coloring was described above and the balayage technique involves sweeping the color through small triangle selections of the hair on the foil which gives it a natural transition. It is up really up to you which technique you will choose.

Long Straight Hair Ombre Maintenance

Whatever that requires bleaching also requires regular touch-ups and frequent visits to the salon. The ombre touch up cannot be done at home, so leave that part for the professionals.

When it comes to the care at home, it is always suggested that you use a shampoo and conditioner that will protect the color. Try not to wash the hair every second day, if possible. Light colors fade very easily and the frequent washing just speeds the process.

Use a spray or hear protector product that will both protect the hair and the color. Straight hair is easily styled with hairdryer, round brushes and hair straightener.

Amazing Long And Straight Ombre Hairstyles

And now, take a look at our list of inspirational ombre styles for long straight hair:

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