23 Short Haircuts For Round Faces that Will Fit You Perfectly

by Anna Truong

23 Short Haircuts For Round Faces that Will Fit You Perfectly

Bobs, pixie, and lobs- all short haircuts for round faces wrapped as a Christmas gift.

Are you ready for a change? Pick one of the most trendy hairstyles and start the new year with a new vision and a classy style.

Not sure which hairstyle is suitable for your “baby face”? Get some essential tips here:

  • Short haircuts for round faces with texture: Textured short haircuts look appealing and cool. Get a modern and fresh look with a messy bob or pixie.
  • Short haircuts for round faces with bangs: There are so many haircuts with bangs that give you the freedom to change your look just with one flip.
  • Asymmetrical short haircuts for round faces: Asymmetrical short haircuts are so chic. The asymmetry can be expressed in different lengths and look cool even for very short hair.
  • Short bob haircuts: A universal, suitable for almost all face types, and easy to maintain. Bob haircuts always look stylish and feminine.
  • “Wet”- sliked back short haircuts: Sometimes it is enough to fully reveal your face to get a totally new look. Short hair is ideal for this type of hairstyle, and of course girls with a classic oval face look gorgeous.
  • Creative Short Bob: Do not be afraid of the bold shapes. Modern asymmetry, ultra-short bangs, sharp lines could give your haircut cool and fashionable effect.

Run away from cliches and show your glam and fashionable look! So, if you are still thinking the short haircuts are not fitting to round faces, scroll down.

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