Best Short Straight Hairstyles for Women for 2022

by Anna Truong

Best Short Straight Hairstyles for Women for 2022

You can never go wrong with a classic lob-length cut that has minimal long layers to remove just a hint of weight.

If you have straight hair, a platinum pixie is edgy and always in fashion. It doesn’t draw too much attention, but the color is bright and noticeable.

If you have a high forehead, baby bangs will balance out your proportions beautifully. Fear not; they won’t look like the time when you chopped it yourself in the 5th grade. Just find a good hairstylist or an easy youtube tutorial on how to dıy short bangs at home.

Flaunt a sleek bob for 60-year-old women with straight hair to achieve a younger-looking style. Its face-hugging layers can soften and frame square-shaped faces. The cut also features a side fringe, giving the entire style a fresher touch.

The lob-length cut will never go out of style. Straight, silky strands are trending well into 2022, and this example masters it.

Short Straight Hairstyles for Women

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