Bobs and their hottest endless variations in 2020

by Bùi Thuỷ Tiên

Every woman loves a flexible hairstyle that not only might take them to a night out but also might be suitable in normal workdays.

Bobs and their variations might be good options for those who love short hairstyles. In 2020, flattering bobs are very popular and are taking the lead in the fashion world. It depends on your personal interests and personal styles, you’ll fit different kinds of bobs. For example, you want to look like a princess, you should go for a soft, wavy blowout. In case you want a hairstyle that’s pretty and easy to pull off, and easily enhanced by your hair tucked behind your ears, let’s go for a classic bob. If you want to take your bob from day to night by sliding a curling iron from the roots to the ends and experimenting with a curving part. Or if you want to refresh your current look, consider switching up the part on your bob.

There are many types of bobs and many tricks to have a stylish look. We provide some on-trend and flattering bobs of celebrities, check out and find one that suits your overall style.

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